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The Company

Tradition and innovation in blacksmithing, wrought iron and metal-working.

The craftsman like working of steel is the “el fòuro” ‘s (the Smithy) way of being. “el fòuro” is a small company of long term experience based in the renowned Dolomite valley of Cortina d’Ampezzo, Queen of the Dolomites and UNESCO World Heritage.

Skilled blacksmiths, inspired and stimulated by the models of the old local tradition, use their own creativity and ability to produce rare and unique artifacts. Hand-forging and hand-decorating guarantee the absolute originality of every single item. The different touch of each craftsman, the tinge of individuality, even the small imperfections of the handicrafts, all contribute to turning every object into an exclusive piece of work.

The articles in our web site are just a few basic models illustrating the different possible working methods, and even so – because of their highly individual craftsmanship – there are no two identical pieces. As a matter of fact, every single forging session and all the subsequent working steps in the decorating and finishing process add up to a true act of creativity which will produce, time and again, original variations and unrepeatable creations.

Besides lighting fixtures, our production includes furnishing complements, beds, gates, balustrades, railings, stairs, hardware for doors and windows. Our production ranges from the restoration of time-worn artefacts to the reinterpretation of local objects, in a process of evolution that changes and grows day after day.

Measurements and colors of the illustrated articles are indicative. They can be modified to meet the customers’ personal tastes and requirements.

All the “el fòuro” creations are entirely hand-made. The materials used are steel, brass and copper, depending on the models. We use natural paints and waxes for the decorations.


Diego Menardi
Metal smith and wrought-iron craftsman

Roberto Chenet
Metal smith and wrought-iron craftsman